Training and Gear

FUUC strives to support local diving businesses. We have compiled a list below of some of the many commercial shops in Adelaide that can offer you excellent training, gear purchases with local support, and servicing of all your diving equipment.

Please note FUUC does not directly train divers but we do from time to time run skill dives to advance your in water diving comfort and to polish existing skills that have suffered in the passage of time. Equipment wise FUUC do hire diving gear on weekly terms (Thursday to Thursday)  but for comfort it is best to buy your own wetsuit, fins, booties and mask as soon as you can afford to do so. The reasoning is these items are often the hardest to fit from hire gear and will improve your diving comfort from having familiar gear.

DecoStop is a direct provider of training to FUUC where training can be done right in our club rooms! They are specialists of open water training with a instructor more at home in the water than on land. Special prices exist for Flinders University students where we can offer the initial open water training, all training materials, gear hire for the duration of the course, and club membership for the remainder of the calander for a super low price of $300. Whats not to like – see the committee at the club rooms for more details.


Diving Adelaide situated south of Adelaide trains divers through PADI and can train all the way from Open Water to Divemaster. The prices are very competitive with the base level Open Water certification starting from $349 and Nitrox from $99. They are also known for being dealers of Scubapro, Light Monkey, Shearwater, Tusa and Waterproof with very competitive gear prices. Gear is available in-store and at their online store


Adelaide Scuba situated south of Adelaide at Glenelg trains through PADI and GUE and can train all the way through from Open Water to Instructor. Open Water training costs start from $500. Known for being a local Hollis and Halcyon dealer they stock a extensive range of scuba equipment to satisfy both novice and technical divers. Adelaide Scuba are also the only shop in Adelaide that has NITROX on tap – using a membrane filling system they can fill your non oxygen cleaned scuba tanks.


Scuba Clinic is situated north east of Adelaide in Seaton and services all of the major brands in diving gear. Prices are available on their website. Scuba Clinic is connected to many dive shops in Adelaide including Diving Adelaide where it can be arranged to have your gear dropped off and picked up from potentially saving a few drives across town.

If you would like to have your details linked here then we are happy to do a reciprocal arrangement. Please contact us to discuss.