Terms of Membership

Medical Information:

Some of the locations that The Flinders University Underwater Club (FUUC) dives can present conditions that may be challenging both physically and psychologically. Divers may be subject to large swell, strong currents and underwater surge where conditions can also change during a dive without warning. Divers must be medically fit, both physically and psychologically, to dive. If you have experienced any changes in your health since your last dive medical, FUUC strongly recommends seeking the advice of a medical practitioner who is trained to perform diving medical examinations to confirm that you are medically fit to dive. A list of practitioners and further information is available via www.spums.org.au. If you have any allergies or other medical concerns that may impact your diving adventure it is a requirement that you advise your dive buddy and the dive organiser on the day of the dive. FUUC recommends regular medical examinations (every 3 years if under 50) and taking out DAN dive injury insurance – see www.danasiapacific.org.

Cancellation of Membership:

The Flinders University Underwater Club may, after following due process, suspend or cancel your club membership if breaches of our Member Protection Policy (MPP) occur or the principles of the clubs constitution are not being upheld. You can also cancel your membership by logging onto the membership portal. Upon cancellation of membership all money paid is forfeited.

Deduction of Payment:

Upon submitting your application and card details you authorise The Flinders University Underwater Club to immediately deduct the full amount for the membership selected. At the end of the calendar year you can log into your account and purchase a new membership for the following year – we do not offer reoccurring subscriptions. Please ensure your credit or visa debit card has sufficient funds to accommodate the transaction. Once your payment has successfully processed your membership is immediately active.

Privacy Policy:

The Flinders University Underwater Club (FUUC) values your privacy and strives to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of personal information supplied by our members. All personal information submitted to FUUC is used only for the purpose for which it is submitted or for such other secondary purposes that are related to the primary purpose, unless we disclose other uses at the time of collection.

Information collected via our website is encrypted end to end to ensure the highest level of protection. All your information is stored with security of personal information being our priority. To minimize exposure of data FUUC never stores your credit card details on our website when using the online membership signup. Your credit card details are transparently sent to our payment gateway using industry standard encryption technologies. FUUC Committee may from time to time still need to keep club member’s personal information on a personal computer. In the event of this occurring the committee member will take all reasonable measures to maintain security and confidentiality of the personal information.

When diving or hiring equipment with FUUC your information may be disclosed to third parties including the clubs registered boat handlers, equipment officers or committee members. In these instances, the third party is expected to take all reasonable measures to maintain security and confidentiality of the information to which they have been given access to. In the event of an emergency FUUC will provide the emergency services your emergency contact details and any other contact information to assist in locating your next of king where it is required under law or reasonably requested.

In the course of taking part in FUUC activities you may have photos or videos taken either individually or indirectly as part of a group. Some of these photos or videos may be used for promotional purposes. If you do not want your photo or video taken please advise the event co-coordinator at the time. If you do not want your photos or videos used for promotional purposes, either as a once of or ongoing basis, please advise a member of the FUUC committee. If you believe that your photo or video has been used in an unsuitable way please notify the FUUC committee immediately. Upon notification the FUUC committee will endeavor to remove your image where possible.


I declare that the information given is accurate and authorise The Flinders University Underwater Club to use my supplied information in accordance to the privacy policy detailed above. I understand and accept that I will be held financially responsible for ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE to The Flinders University Underwater Club’s SCUBA equipment that I hire (not including normal wear and tear) and in the event of loss or damage authorise The Flinders University Underwater Club to recover damages through the supplied credit card details where other avenues of recovery have failed. I will report any damaged or malfunctioning equipment to the club upon return of the equipment. I will return any hired equipment from the Club in a CLEANED CONDITION, and I am aware that I may be FINED A CLEANING FEE EQUAL TO THE HIRING FEE for any equipment returned unwashed. I accept that I will be charged for late return of equipment, unless the equipment officer has granted permission to return the equipment at a later date. I have read and understood the club’s Member Protection Policy (available here and at the club rooms), and I shall abide by its terms and conditions.