Wreck Dives

The below sites require a dive boat and good GPS marks – FUUC provides both the boats and experienced boat handlers to get you to the dive site for a great dive. All part of the package of being a FUUC club member!!

Wreck diving in South Australia is best undertaken after getting use to shallower shore dives. Please ensure you dive within your certification and comfort limits. When starting out with wreck diving FUUC can offer advice and guidance through our many experienced divers which include dive professionals, cave divers, and technical divers.

Ex-HMAS Hobart

Access is via Wirrina boat ramp. Depth 31m. Rating: Intermediate to deck, Advanced to sand. Bottom time: Restricted

The Vessel The HMAS Hobart was a Charles F. Adams class guided missile destroyer in the Royal Australia Navy (DDG 39), built in the United States of America and commissioned in 1965 in Boston. Her role was air defence of the fleet. Tours of duty HMAS Hobart completed three tours of duty off Vietnam in 1967, 1968 and 1970. In 1968, two sailors lost their lives and seven others were injured after the vessel was hit by “friendly” fire

It is a massive wreck with several decks to explore. Many cut outs have been made to allow light in and safe escape routes for divers. The engine room, unlike the Hobart’s sister ship the Perth, is accessible by divers and when combined with a detour through the mess hall makes for a spectacular dive. Of course looking out over the bridge and sitting on the massive deck guns is also pretty fun! Please see our FAQ for more information.

Stanvac Barges

Access is via O’sullivans beach boat ramp. Depth 28m. Rating: Advanced. Bottom time: Restricted

There are 3 barges at this site, one is 163×29 and the two measure 71 x 49. To really see this sight, you need to anchor in the right spot. The barges form an artificial reef on an otherwise sandy bottom. Plenty of fish there. Keep your eye out for lost anchors, burley buckets and the odd fishing rod or lost dive gear!

MV Seawolves

Access is via O’sullivans beach boat ramp. Depth 20m. Rating: Novice to deck, Intermediate to sand.

A great dive, the ship lies on it’s side in 20m of water and heaps of fish, cuttlefish and other marine life can be seen. It was sunk in 2002 between the Norlunga Tyre Reef and the Lumb. Combining the three sites on one dive is possible and makes for a long but nice dive. Of interest there is a star dropper trail that links the two wrecks to aid in navigation but when visibility is low a line will be required.

HA Lumb

Access is via O’sullivans beach boat ramp. Depth 20m. Rating: Novice to deck, Intermediate to sand.

The Lumb was sunk in 1994 specifically as a dive site by the SA dive industry. She lies upright on the bottom 30m west of Noarlunga tyre reef in 20m of water 2.5 km west of Noarlunga jetty. The Lumb started life as a tug working in Tasmania before being used at Port Lincoln. She was refitted as a fishing trawler and used to fish for tuna. At the end of her life she was purchased by the dive industry. She was cleaned up and holes were cut in her deck and she was sunk as a dive site. Penetration is relatively safe as holes were purposelessly cut allowing easy safe penetration. The main hazards is grease on the wreck and some loose cabling plus some sharp edged metal. Recommended bottom time 35 mins.

The Glenelg Dredge

Access is via West Beach boat ramp. Depth 20m. Rating: Novice to deck, Intermediate to sand.

The Glenelg Dreage is an old suction dredge built Holland 1914 sailed out to Australia 1920 .Used to dreage the Port River and Outer Harbour. The wreck was sunk in its current location asan artificial reef by the SA Dept. Of Fisheries early 1985. She lies upright 5-6km west of Glenelg in 20 mertes of water, bow to the south.

She is 35 metres long by 7m wide, deck sitting in 15m. The dredge is home to a wide variety of marine life. The wreck is safe to penetrate into the cabin rooms, the main pump hold though the suction crane on the bow but is unsafe to penetrate behind the boilers in the engine room. The main hazards are rusting metal and silting, and the current. Recommended bottom time: 35min.

The Glenelg Barge

Access is via West Beach boat ramp. Depth 20m. Rating: Novice to deck, Intermediate to sand.

The Glenelg Barge is a hopper barge used by the Glenelg Dredge to take the silt dredge up from Port river. A star dropper trail has been set up to enable divers to travel from the barge to the dredge and vice Versa in times of low current. The barge is a very interesting wreck with a wide variety of fish. Divers can swim its 30m length with ease. Additionally at either end is a small opening where divers can penetrate into the work rooms.

The Norma

Access is via North Haven boat ramp. Depth: 18m. Rating: Novice to Intermediate

The 2,122 tonne 4 mast barque Norma has easy access and is a reasonable dive, with some opportunity for creative photography on a good day. When she sank, her masts were just below the surface and caused a number of problems for other boats. Eventually, shipping authorities decided to blow her up to remove the danger to shipping. Today her remains are spread over quite a large area and apart from the stern section, it is very hard to recognise her as a wreck. Her remains are a maze of iron-work, floors, frames, plating, fittings and masts. Plenty of fish life on this wreck, heaps of whiting and quite a few Wobbegongs as well. Also a very popular fishing site, many boats around on a nice day.