Jetty Dives

The below jetty dives are accessible without requiring a dive boat. These jetty dives are typically shallower than wreck dives and give the opportunity to see some awesome sites while practicing diving skills.

Rapid Bay Jetty

A great novice dive with a max depth of around 12m, this has to be one of the best jetty dives in Australia. With lots of growth on the pylons there are a huge numbers of fish under and around the jetty. The real special thing about the jetty, is the high likelihood of a sighting of the leafy sea dragon. Under the jetty they are much easier to spot, and have been known to be there with very small juveniles in tow.

There are also schools of trevally, morwong, yellowtail, Tommy ruff, old wife and other common species. Very large dusky morwong are common, as are the wonderful gurnard perch and other hidden finds.The more common weedy sea dragon is also found here.

The Jetty is also very popular with fishermen – it is wise to stay under the jetty and beware of squid jags.

Edithburg Jetty

A great novice dive, with an average depth of 6m and maximum of 12-14m. Dive it at night time for a completely different experience. Edithburg Jetty is one of the top Jetty dives in the Australia. Lots of Nudibranchs, the pylons are covered in Sponge life. Heaps of fish life, cuttlefish, squid, octopus, dumpling squid, etc. etc. Small cat sharks have been seen with the occasional rays. The marine life combined with the amazing sponge gardens make for a very colourful dive. If you go 50 meters out from the north side of the jetty, there is also a reef, with lots of life on it too.

Pt Giles Jetty

A VERY long jetty accesable from either shore or boat with a max depth of 15m approx. To dive the whole jetty you will need a exceptionally low air consumption or larger tank(s). There are only one set of stairs, right at the beginning of the jetty. Therefore it is important to make sure you leave yourself with enough air to get back or you could be in for a long surface swim!

It’s a grain loading jetty, so if there is a ship in, you’re not allowed to dive it. There is lots of life under the jetty, the pylons are covered in sponges, and soft corals. A huge school of silver drummer are residents, there is also a big eel bed, with lots of eels there. Lots of spider crabs, rays, boar fish, and scallops. Quite easy to get your bag limit of scallops, just off to the left of the jetty.