Fresh Water

Fresh water diving opportunities open to non cave divers are situated down at Mount Gambier which is approximately 450km South East of Adelaide. Drive time is approximately 5 hours so take some time to see some of the towns on the way through for a coffee refresher break. Please be aware there are kangaroo populations present on the drive down so extra caution is advised during dusk and dawn.

Ewens Ponds

Open to non cave divers its located 36 km south of Mount Gambier towards Port MacDonnell the site is spring fed with a year round temperature of approx 15 deg and has a maximum depth of 10m. There are 3 main ponds within the system connected by fast flowing creeks. Visibility is exceptional and offers jaw dropping photographic opportunities.

Access is via a floating jetty on the first pond. The exit is at the third pond via a small ladder. Do not attempt to swim upstream as the current between ponds is too strong and you will damage plant life as a result. For a twist try it as a night dive and view this natural beauty from a different light!!

Due to the fresh water and no salt dropping a bit of lead inst a bad idea. The system is fragile and can be damaged by poor buoyancy control. The park does close from time to time for regeneration. Please check the official website for park closures and additional information.

Piccaninnie Ponds

Located 32km south east of Mount Gambier on Piccaninnie Ponds Road. The site is open for snorkeling only unless CDAA Cavern Diver certified. It is a beautiful site where you can see the floor of the lake drop to the cavern system below. Snorkelers (and cavern divers alike) require a permit to see the natural beauty here and the system is time-slot based. Please see the official website for further information and to obtain permits.