Dive Sites

South Australia has some amazing dive sites from jetty dives where you could see the amazing Leafy Sea Dragon to all inspiring wreck dives. Team these dives up with a 130m long navy destroyer purposely sunk for diving and South Australia really is amazing.

On Thursday nights at the club rooms we plan the dives for the weekend. There is little that can stop peoples excitement for diving and we are out almost every weekend when the weather is good. Yes, this also includes winter dives!! During summer when the nights are warm we also run night dives to local sites. For the weekly events come to the club night or check on FUUC Facebook.

Furthermore FUUC arranges weekend trips to dive some of our more regional dive sites. These trips are exciting because they enable a full weekend of diving while socializing with club mates. If you wish to find out what trips we are planning keep a eye on Facebook or come down to the club rooms.

Below are some additional resources for scuba diving locations throughout Australia –

The Marine Life Network has a comprehensive list of diving sites Australia wide.

The Scuba Divers Federation of South Australia has a list of sites for Adelaide Metropolitan, Fleurieu Peninsula and Yorke Peninsula.